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Gabby(about a year ago)

I like this school I will miss them when i go to my secondary.

Simon Downey(about a year ago)

Supported the school with a Digital session they had planned and was really pleased how engaged the students were and how the staff were looking forward in how their school needs to work with Digital to grow their understanding in order to support their students. A really good event.

Rinske Kabout-Drenth(about a year ago)

Thank you so much for the information you sent us after our lovely visit to Elm Park. I sent it to all my students in teacher training. Last Thursday we had a world café (maybe you know this activity). All second year students had to exchange experiences from their week abroad. The students who visited Elm Park all mentioned Aurasma and your positive attitude towards your own students. I hope to see you again next year!

Victoria Wells(a couple of years ago)

Great School, Great Staff, Friendly and more Importantly Fantastic Teachers and Teaching Assistants. Both my Daughters have come a very long way in learning and have highly motivated teachers especially my daughter in reception class this year they deserve recognition. She came to school unable to read, write or no the alphabet. Her Ability to Read and Write after just 7-8months is outstanding in my eyes and that's only down to her teachers so would highly recommend this school to get your child off to a great start in education! X

kiera(a couple of years ago)

i love the school ,it has amazing teachers . I,t also has a cool digital leaders club.