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Working with Families

At EPPS we know that all parents and carers want the best for their children and hope they will be happy and achieve their potential at school. We believe that children have the best chance of success when parents and carers work in partnership with the school, to work towards achieving shared goals.

Parents and carers know their children best and we want to take into account your views and experience to increase the effectiveness of any provision put in place for the child.

The process of identifying that a child might need additional support or assessment will involve a conversation between school and parents or carers at the earliest opportunity. This makes sure that parents and carers are always consulted at every step and kept fully informed about the help their child is given, and the results of that help.  

If your child is receiving any support which additional to or different from regular classroom practice you will be invited into school to discuss this with the class teacher.  During this meeting targets and provision will be discussed and agreed.  These meetings will take place termly and you will receive a copy of the SEN school support plan. 

If you have any concerns regarding your child's progress or needs please do not hesitate to speak to their class teacher.  If your child's has needs which cannot be addressed within school and require another service, referrals will be made through Miss Deighan.

Whereby pupils have a Statement of SEN or an Education, Health, Care Plan, this will be reviewed annually with Miss C Deighan, as well as the usual termly reviews with the class teacher.  

If you have any questions about what is possible, please come and talk to us.