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Morning drop off and collection

10 May 2022 (by Ashlea Stevenson (ashlea.stevenson))

There were a number of ‘near misses’ during drop off time this morning at school.  The school entrance is always particularly congested when the weather is even slightly wet, just a drizzle.  Today there were also 3 ambulances/first response vehicles across the road from school, which contributed to the congestion.

Staff witnessed a number of children who had been left to cross the road without a parent, along with a large number of cars within the vicinity, blocking the road from children being able to cross safely.  This left the children vulnerable and at risk of being run over and as previously mentioned a number of ‘near misses’.

On several occasions you have been reminded to be considerate of where you park around the school. To improve safety, the Council has painted zig zag and double yellow lines in specific areas outside the school. There should be no stopping or parking in any of these areas. Please show the children good examples by obeying all the rules. Parking across residents driveways is also not acceptable

It is still very noticeable that when parents see the traffic warden, they drive on. This means that you know what you are doing is wrong! Please STOP doing it – you are placing all children at risk.

Driving children to school is seen as the most convenient choice for parents with busy lives. Many parents take the view that by driving their children to school they are keeping them safe. Yet the combination of each individual decision makes an increase in vehicle traffic and congestion, particularly at the school gate. Many children now miss out on the opportunity to develop vital road safety skills with their parents on the way to school. They fail to build up confidence and learn the ability to manage risk walking around their local community.

Walking can improve overall levels of fitness in children and adults. It is a cheap low impact way to exercise. This can have a positive impact both mentally and physically.

We realise that there are some parents who have no alternative but to drive their children to school, however many are driving short distances where walking is a real option.   If you do not have an alternative to driving to school, please allow yourself extra time to park away from the school and walk the final journey with your child.

Let’s all take some personal responsibility and work together to ensure our school area is a safe place.

In conclusion, I do appreciate that most of the parents walk or drive responsibly to school. Thank you for your good example and being an exemplary role model to the children.