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School Improvement Plan

School improvement planning is a continuous process. Consequently this School Improvement Plan Summary and School Self -Evaluation Form are  organic documents, which alter as evaluation and review occur at times during the year. Our whole learning community continues to be involved in this process through consultation, helping to build capacity for future improvement. 

The School Improvement Plan Summary outlines goals and current plans. It sets out how we aim, not only to maintain performance, but also to raise overall school standards, individual pupil achievement and to place staff development at the heart of school improvement.

 The Self-Evaluation Form captures a summary of our evaluations. In the form we indicate our key strengths as well as what needs to be tackled to effect improvement. The form clearly outlines the progress our pupils are making, the effectiveness of teaching, learning and assessment, the behaviour, safety and well-being of pupils, the quality of our school's leadership as well as the social and moral aspects of the school.  

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