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Elm Park Primary School

Aspiring to be the best we can be!

Our Behaviour Code

The primary aim of our behaviour code is to promote good relationships and grow good people. We all work together with the common purpose of helping everyone to learn. At Elm Park Primary School, we believe:

Everyone has the right to:

  • Feel safe, cared for and respected
  • Be able to learn to the best of his/her ability and to develop whatever skills he/she possesses
  • Be treated equally irrespective of gender, race physical characteristics or nay other factors
  • Learn and play without disruption


Everyone is expected to:

  • Be responsible for their own behaviour
  • Respect the rights of others


At the beginning of each year, class rules are discussed and everyone agrees a set of class rules that will assist learning and facilitate a happy classroom environment. In addition, there are school rules:

Our ‘Golden Rules’

  1. We are gentle
  2. We are kind and helpful
  3. We listen
  4. We are honest
  5. We work hard
  6. We look after property


Praise and Encouragement

Praise, encouragement and rewards include verbal recognition, stickers, notes home, achievement certificates presented at a special achievement assembly every Friday, whole class rewards, as well as opportunities to share their work with other staff and children.


We say ‘No to Bullying’, whether verbal or physical, it has no place in our school. We ask for all parents and pupils to help us by reporting immediately any incidents so that we can deal firmly and fairly with any bullies, involving parents if appropriate.


Please see our school discipline policy, (policies section), which in line with legal requirements, clearly outlines in more detail our discipline procedures and protocols, so that Elm Park Primary School provides a learning culture underpinned by good behaviour and discipline, where children and staff feel safe, happy, are good people and are able to fulfil their full potential.


Here is a link for  EPPS Behaviour Principles Statement