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Elm Park Primary School

Aspiring to be the best we can be!

Learning Ambassadors



The role of our learning Ambassadors in school is to promote learning by helping our learners be the best learners they can be.

During the year, the learning Ambassadors will undertake the following:

  • Lead learning assemblies
  • Visit lessons to spot outstanding learning
  • Promote excellent behaviour for learning
  • Attend ‘Welcome’ meetings for new parents and visitors and present/talk about what learning looks like from a pupil perspective at Elm Park Primary.

Our chosen  Learning Ambassadors from each class are excellent role models, they have good learning attitudes and are able to speak confidently to visitors, staff and governors.



Learning Experts

We also have ‘Learning Experts’ in each class in school. The role of the Learning Expert can change from lesson to lesson, subject to subject. Any child can be chosen to be a ‘learning Expert’ in a lesson, if they have shown themselves to be exemplary learners who can explain their thinking and understanding in specific areas and subjects.


The role of the ‘learning Expert’ in class is to help other pupils be the best learners they can be. We found out that some children were unsure of how to help themselves when they get stuck in their learning, so the ‘Learning Experts’ are there to help when someone is stuck in class. We can remind them to try 3B4ME – this means to try using up to three of the strategies below to help yourself before you ask an adult.

  • Ask a friend or a ‘Learning Expert’
  • Use the Learning Journey displays in class
  • Check the class ‘Help Desk’ for equipment to help you
  • Use books or apps on the class iPad to help you
  • Use your brain to think about things you already know which might help you
  • Be brave and have a go

 Many pupils are already using these in class, allowing to be more independent and the best learners they can possibly be!